Visiting the Atlas Mountain Valley of Ourika for a day trip

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Visiting the Atlas Mountain Valley of Ourika for a day trip

The Ourika River flows through the fertile Ourika Valley, which is located in the Moroccan High Atlas.
It’s only about 30 kilometers from Marrakech and is primarily inhabited by Shilha-speaking Berbers.
Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered a relatively well-preserved valley because of
its very nature and the traditional mountain way of life. The paved road ends in Setti-Fatma,
the last of the small towns (or douars) along the way. From here, hikers can access the nearby mountains.
“The most prized and easiest hike consists of climbing the length of a mountain torrent to discover the cascades.


Leaving the hotel at 9 h 30 on the way, we will stop at the Berber village, have a visit to a Berber house, and continue to Siti Fatima, the last village.
On the way, we can visit the cooperatives of the Berber women, where you will have a chance to see and photograph the women’s handicrafts, which are famous all over the world. When we arrive there, you can take a local guide to see the seven waterfalls of Siti Fatima. The largest one is 70 meters high.
After the walk, have lunch in the village, where you will try the tasty local food, relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a Berber village, have tea with mint, and go back to Marrakech There is a weekly traditional market held every Monday. If your day trip is on a Monday, the Monday Souk will give you a glimpse into the past of Marrakech and Morocco.